Senior Management

Tom Watson Property Manager

Tom founded PPM with his father, Jack, in 1993. Tom grew up in Acton, Massachusetts and graduated from Stanford University with a BA and later from Boston University with an MBA. He now lives in Portland with his wife Judy and their three children. On a typical Saturday, Tom can be found enjoying the day with his wife and kids: riding bikes, skiing, reading, watching movies, or just doing nothing together. Tom’s spirit animal is a redbone hound dog named Cassius. When he was younger, he was sure he would grow up to replace Rick Burleson as shortstop for the Red Sox. Items on Tom’s “Bucket List” include biking across America with his family, living on Prince Edward Island for a year, and spending some time in Spain.

Russ Pierce

Russ Pierce Property Manager

Russ grew up in Burbank, California and graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. His career has centered in customer service and business management. Russ worked for eight years at the Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, California and four years with his wife, Jackie, as owner and operator of Café Uffa! in Portland. Russ has worked at PPM as an owner and operator since April of 2000. He is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and has attained Certified Property Manager designation. Russ lives in Cape Elizabeth with his wife and three children and enjoys mountain biking, skiing at Sugarloaf, golfing, cooking and playing guitar. When Russ was younger, he planned to be either a professional football or baseball player. Items on Russ’ “Bucket List” include spending a winter living at a ski resort and breaking 80 for 18 holes of golf.

Leasing and Rentals

Elizabeth Pottle Director of Leasing and Marketing

Elizabeth grew up in nearby Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She has an A.A.S. in Communication and New Media with a focus in film studies. She has written, directed and screened a few films, but ultimately decided it was more of a hobby than something she wanted to make into a career. On a typical Saturday, Liz can be found in her natural habitat, the mall! Though she spends many hours perusing for things to spend her money on, she also loves walking her 2 Chiweenies in the West End. When she was little she thought that she would grow up to be a famous popstar, despite not having any actual singing or dancing talent. Items on her bucket list include seeing 35 countries before turning 35, rescuing as many shelter dogs as possible and becoming a famous popstar. Her spirit animal is a buffalo because that’s what the Buzzfeed quiz told her it is.

Abby Lucas Leasing Agent

Abby started working with us in October, 2016 (she actually lived in one of our apartments the previous year!). On a typical Saturday, she can be found Sailing in Casco Bay or BBQing at the beach. Portland has an extraordinary number of coffee shops, and its proximity to the mountains and ocean make it easy to stay entertained.
When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. She has always loved traveling, and she is perpetually planning her next adventure. Currently, her travel bucket list includes: Morocco, Mykonos, and New Zealand.

Morgan Acampora Leasing Agent

Morgan grew up in the suburbs of New York. From there she went on to travel as much as possible and spent a few years living on the West Coast. After falling in love with Maine on a quick visit, Morgan decided to move to Portland in April 2016. Her favorite thing about Portland is being right on the ocean and the great food scene. On a typical Saturday Morgan is likely to be found close to the water with a book or driving around and exploring New England.

Items on her bucket list currently include: traveling to New Zealand, hiking in Patagonia and backpacking through Southeast Asia.

Lee Cannon Hiawatha Property Manager

Lee was born in Lowell, MA and moved to South Portland before his first birthday. He grew up in the Willard Beach area. Lee went to the University of Maine in Orono and received a B.A. in business administration in 2011. He then proceeded to be a ski bum that following winter. Lee’s favorite thing about the Portland area is being in a city with a nightlife, while also being so near the woods, mountains, lakes, nature, etc. When Lee was little, all he ever wanted to be was a pro athlete. On a typical Saturday, Lee can be found at Sugarloaf crushing powder in the winter or at his camp in White Mountains, camping, swimming or at concerts in the summer. Items on Lee’s Bucket list would include helicopter skiing, skiing everywhere (the Rockies, the Alps, South America), making an appearance on Sports Center, and being at a Boston (Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins or Pats) championship clinching game.

Lindsay Cannon Hiawatha Leasing Agent

Lindsay was born in Portland, Maine and grew up in South Portland. She went to school at Elmira College in upstate New York where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. In her free time Lindsay enjoys spending time with family and friends and doing anything outdoors, including hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Her favorite place is her family camp on Lake Chocorua in New Hampshire, and someday she would love to spend a few months traveling and backpacking in Europe and Asia.

Customer Service & Tenant Relations

Charlie Miller Director of Tenant Relations

Charlie was born in Portland and grew up in Freeport, ME. He graduated from Hobart College in upstate New York and spent several years living and working in Boston before moving back home to the great state of Maine. He manages his own 3-unit and loves living in Portland with so many activities within reach. On a typical Saturday, Charlie can be found skiing at Sugarloaf, boating in Boothbay Harbor or golfing. He enjoys traveling and would love to do more scuba diving in the Caribbean. His spirit animal is an alligator. Charlie is a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan and would love to see them win a super bowl before he dies.

Vanessa Vasalofsky Leasing Liaison and Customer Service Manager

Born and raised in a Massachusetts, graduated from Emmanuel College in Boston with a BFA in Graphic Design and Technology. She also took art classes at the Rhode Island School of Design and Mass Art. When she was little, Vanessa dreamed of becoming a musician and an artist. Vanessa moved to Maine in 2012. She has a small zoo of her own at home; guinea pigs, bearded dragons, spiders, a bird and a bunch of coral. She loves to spend her time creating art, playing guitar, watching TV dramas and going on walks around the city. Something on her bucket list would be to visit Europe to see all of the historical paintings/sculptures and buildings. Her spirit animal would be an elephant. Some of her nick names are: Ness, Vanz, and Vannie.

Christine Cascella Customer Service Coordinator

Christine was born and raised in Connecticut. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in English; she then moved on to receive her culinary degree in Boulder, Colorado. She loves listening to music, traveling to new places, writing, and being outside. Her spirit animal is a tiger. Her favorite movie is V for Vendetta, her favorite food is passion fruit, and her favorite musicians are Tove Lo and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. She moved to Portland in mid-2016 and started at PPM not long after.

Erin Weathers Lafayette Manager

Erin was born and raised in Topsham Maine. As a little girl Erin always dreamed of becoming a princess. After realizing that would never happen she switched to her fallback and went to college for Fashion Merchandising in Boston MA. After graduating from school Erin went on to manage at a high end retailer where she got the chance to do a bit of traveling. Eventually Erin missed her home and family and decided to settled back in Portland Maine where she began working for Port Property. Erin is a passionate gardener, whenever she gets a free moment you can find her working in her garden or lounging in the hammock.


Kimberly Bergeron Senior Accountant

Kimberly was born & raised in NYC (diehard Yankees fan!). After graduating with degrees in Int’l Business & Accounting, she honed her skills in a variety of industries from entertainment, private sanitation, investment banking, property management & construction, while traveling the world extensively. A few years after she met her husband (a Mainer) they decided to start a family & moved to Maine, so her girls can run around barefoot on their family farm. Her family also includes 2 Norwegian Forest cats that love to cuddle and a lot of plants. In her spare time, Kimberly likes to shop, cook, dance, read, garden & play in the water. Her spirit animal is a fish but she is passionate about all animals. Things on her bucket list include visiting the Maldives, Israel, Africa & New Zealand & sky-diving.

Larisa Mosley Accounts Payable/Receivable

Larisa joined PPM in 2017 . Her career for the last 20 years has primarily been in the finance department as an accountant and payroll administrator within the Property Management industry.
Born and raised in Orange County, CA and living in Las Vegas for the last six years before making South Portland, ME her permanent home with her family. Larisa also works part-time on the weekends as a hospice and senior caretaker. On a typical day off, you’ll probably just find Larisa in the kitchen since her passion is baking and cooking everything and anything. Larisa and her family have also been out exploring Maine and all that it has to offer. Items on Larisa’s “Bucket List” include returning to school to complete her Bachelors in Finance, going to Japan to visit her relatives, purchasing a small multi-family building, and owning a café.


Leyli Johnson

Leyli Johnson Director of Maintenance

Leyli spent her early years dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. She studied fashion design in NYC and Italy before giving it up to travel and experience different cultures. When it came time to “settle down,” she was drawn to Maine and moved to Portland in 1991. Alas, the fashion industry in Portland was not flourishing in 1994 when she began working for the fledgling PPM, but Leyli found she was a natural when it came to plumbing, heating, and general knowledge of buildings. She is still trying to figure out how to combine fashion with plumbing design. On a typical Saturday, Leyli can be found sailing her sunfish sailboat in Casco Bay. Leyli’s spirit animal is a crow. Items on her “Bucket List” include visiting Asia, going to a Dude Ranch, learning to Tango, and riding across the country on a motorcycle.


Frank Maintenance Technician

Frank grew up a corn-fed farm boy in Indiana, went to school in Arizona, then moved to Maine and went to USM. He ended up staying in Maine because it’s a great place to live. In the short time he has been with PPM, it has been an enjoyable experience. The people at PPM make working seem less like work, and more like being with a big family. On a typical Saturday, Frank can be found anywhere his wife tells him to be. When he was younger, Frank wanted to grow up to be either The Six Million Dollar Man or Hannibal from The A-Team. Frank doesn’t have a Bucket List because he is immortal.

Rob Maintenance Technician

Rob was born in Lewiston and graduated from Lisbon High School. He worked as a prep cook and landscaper, and built awnings before joining PPM in 2002. He is married with two children, a boy and a girl, who keep him very busy. He loves fishing, camping, golfing, and especially loves to watch the Red Sox and the Green Bay Packers. On a typical Saturday, Rob can be found camping, golfing and/or playing with his kids. His spirit animal is a laughing hyena. Items on Rob’s “Bucket List” would include going to Vegas, visiting Lambeau Field in the middle of winter, and playing more golf.

Department of CSA

Sue Maheu

Sue Maheu Assistant Property Manager

Sue Maheu is from central Maine. For thirty years, she was self-employed doing florist, ceramist and restaurant work. In 2003, a career change brought her to PPM. She has 6 grown children and 14 grandchildren, aged three to twenty. She has been married for over 20 years to her husband, Bob. Sue’s spirit animal is a dragon. When she was younger, she wanted to grow up to be a mother of 16 children. Items on Sue's "Bucket List" include going to Calgary Stampede and the Grand Canyon, and volunteering at a children’s camp. One of Sue’s nicknames is Atilla the Hunny.

Aubrey Farmer Property Maintenance Coordinator

Aubrey grew up in Freeport, the youngest of 4 children. He attended Freeport High School and graduated in 1989. As a teenager, Aubrey had many dreams. One was to become a professional guide in Alaska. Another was to restore a '69 Chevelle SS and drive across country. Two kids, a mortgage and divorce later, all of his dreams now look like a park after the circus leaves town. Aubrey still resides in Freeport, although his two children have left home. His bucket list includes visiting Yellowstone and touring Alaska. Aubrey's spirit animal is Wile E. Coyote.

Apartment Rehab

Bianca Garber

Bianca Garber Acquisitions & Development

Bianca has been with PPM since 2009, working in rentals, marketing and leasing. She moved around before settling in New England, but has always had family roots in Maine. She graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a BFA in Creative Writing and English in 2006. She hopes to use her degree to spread proper semicolon use throughout the land. Bianca loves cooking for a crowd, reading, doing crossword puzzles, and most of all, swimming. Bianca’s spirit animal is an otter. Some of Bianca’s nicknames include B, Ancabee, Doodlebug, Biankita, Beaner, Beezie, Beez, Beez Louise, Butten and Little Fat Frog.

Ryan Edwards Turnover Manager

Ryan grew up right here in Portland, Maine and graduated from Deering High. He started working with PPM in 2011. Ryan has 3 kids, and coaches many sports including softball, football and basketball. On the weekends you can find him working on his house, chilling by the pool or riding his motorcycle. His spirit animal is a wolf.

Justin Spearin Rehab Specialist

When Justin was young, he wanted to grow up playing short stop for the Boston Red Sox. He really enjoys working with the PPM staff who he says makes a great team. His favorite thing about Portland is the coastline and the history of the City. His spirit animal is a wild turkey. On his bucket list is seeing his kids succeed, going on an African safari and going to Spain for the running of the bulls. On a typical Saturday, you can find him camping and exploring the White Mountains.

South Portland

Jennifer Renaud South Portland Property Manager

Jen was born and raised in Maine and her spirit animal is a loon. Her childhood shaped her love of the coastline, lakes, woods, and the surrounding mountains. The art and expression of movement has always been a constant for Jen which has evolved into her yoga practice. Jen’s ideal Saturday starts off with a yoga class and is followed by any type of adventure that roots her back to nature such as hiking, skiing, or getting on the water. Jen loves Portland ME for its proximity to the ocean and the vibrant community she is a part of.

Masami Pocock South Portland Rehab Specialist

Masami grew up in Buxton, Maine and graduated from Bonny Eagle High School. Masami started playing guitar at the age of 16. Through high school and years after, Masami formed many bands that have played throughout southern Maine. Before joining Port Property Management, he was employed at J.J. Nissens in Portland until they moved to Biddeford. Masami is married with 3 children that keep him plenty busy. Masami enjoys spending time with his wife, kids and family on the weekends, and of course playing his bass guitar with his band Triple Shot. Another love of Masami's is cooking. He enjoys trying out different recipes that he may have seen on a cooking show or he's read in a book. Items on Masami's bucket list include a train ride to Boston to catch a Red Sox game (no he has never been to Fenway) , a hot air balloon ride with his wife, and to get his wife (who has never flown before) on a plane to visit family in Texas.