Parking in Portland/South Portland is limited and in order to provide the best possible parking situation for all tenants to which we provide parking, Port Property Management (also referred to as “Landlord”) will strictly enforce the following:


  1. All vehicles must have a valid PPM parking permit displayed in the vehicle at all times. The permit must be hung from the rearview mirror or taped to the front windshield so that it is easily visible from outside of the vehicle looking through the front windshield. The PPM logo must be facing outward. Tenants can park any vehicle that they so choose in their assigned spot(s) as long as the parking permit is properly displayed in said vehicle. Any vehicle without a parking permit or without an easily visible permit will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.


  1. All vehicles must be parked in their assigned parking spot. If the parking permit number doesn’t match the parking spot in which the vehicle is parked the vehicle will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. If someone else is parked in your assigned parking spot please get all the information you can (i.e. the vehicle’s make, model, color, license plate number and parking permit number if applicable) then call Tardiff’s Towing to report the issue (207-772-2247) and have the car towed.


  1. All vehicles must have valid registration and be operational at all times. If your vehicle is not operational you will have one week to make the necessary repairs; however, vehicles shall not be worked on in the parking lot. All unregistered and/or inoperable vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense, with a 24-hour advance written notice.


  1. In order for PPM to provide the best possible winter parking situation for tenants who have assigned parking, all tenants must adhere to the following
    • Regardless of how much snow falls, PPM may declare a PPM parking ban after a storm. During a PPM parking ban every vehicle must be moved out of the parking lot from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
    • To determine whether a PPM parking ban is in effect visit our website or call the emergency maintenance line at 207-761-0832, ext. 2. You will be automatically signed up for our text messaging alert system with the phone number you provide PPM. If you do not receive text messages please call 207-761-0832 ext. 00 or email . All resources will be updated by 7:00 AM the day after the storm.
    • If your vehicle is left in the parking lot during the above referenced hours it will be towed at your own expense and/or your account will be charged a minimum of $100 for administrative and labor fees associated with cleaning around your parking spot; No Exceptions. If you plan on being out of town during the snow season you must make arrangements for your car (give a key to a friend/family member who can move it during a parking ban, find an alternative place to park your car while you are out of town, etc.).
    • If you have questions or concerns regarding a PPM parking ban please contact the office during normal business hours. Please do not contact the emergency dispatch answering service as is not equipped to deal with parking situations, and cannot help with parking problems.


  1. Your parking privileges may be terminated with a five (5) day advance written notice from PPM for any of the following violations: (A) Your vehicle is towed twice in any one (1) year period; (B) You do not move your car during a parking ban twice in any one (1) year period; (C) You interfere with the tow truck driver’s responsibilities.


  1. If your vehicle is towed, you must call Tardiff’s Towing (207-772-2247) to make the arrangements for picking it up. The pickup address is 355 Warren Ave, Portland, ME 04103. All towing charges are at the vehicle owner’s expense. PPM will not reimburse any tenant for towing charges.

If you have any parking related questions, concerns, or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.