1. Pets/Animals must be licensed and immunized in accordance with applicable regulations: Dog owners must provide a Veterinarian letter confirming: neutered or spayed, breed, age and weight, vaccinated against rabies and distemper. Cat owners must provide a Veterinarian letter confirming: neutered or spayed, vaccinated against rabies and distemper.
  2. A dog interview is required before we can accept an application for an apartment, and must include the owner and pet(s)/animal(s) along with the requested documentation. **We will decline a dog based on excessive barking, unpleasant demeanor, or any other reason PPM deems appropriate.** PPM may take a photo of owner and dog. We cannot accept Skyping or sending a video in lieu of meeting the dog in person. Dogs must be fully approved before being allowed on the premises. If you are a current tenant with us already and would like to adopt a dog, please make sure and get prior approval before fully adopting the dog.
  3. The following dog breeds are NOT allowed (NO EXCEPTIONS). Any full or mix of: Rottweiler, Doberman, Chow, Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull, American Bulldog, or any other breed that Management deems unacceptable. We base the majority of our approval on the demeanor/appearance of the dog during the dog meeting. If your dog excessively barks, looks like any of the restricted breeds, is intimidating, shy/timid or generally unapproachable, he/she will not be approved.
  4. Pet/animal fees are as follows: $20 a month fee per cat and $50 a month fee per dog (for 2 dogs, the fee is $40 each). This is payable in advance on the first of each month as additional rent in accordance with the terms of their lease and is not refundable.
  5. All dogs must be at least 1 year of age, as shown on veterinary records.
  6. Any dog residing in the aforementioned apartment may be subject to a DNA test via a cheek swab at any point during lease term. PPM will keep this test in our PooprintsTM database. If feces are found on PPM’s property a sample will be taken for DNA analysis. If it is found that your pet/animal’s DNA matches the sample you will be charged a $200 fine. Resident is responsible for immediate clean-up of pet/animal waste. Pet/animal waste is to be disposed of properly in plastic bags and placed in dumpster or other designated garbage removal station.
  7. No more than 2 pets/animals are allowed per apartment. Additionally, no pet/animal offspring are permitted.
  8. The resident will not allow the pet(s)/animal(s) to become a nuisance to other residents which includes, but is not limited to, biting, excessive barking, and whining.
  9. Cats and dogs must be housebroken; we strictly prohibit any use of pee pads.
  10. Pets/Animals are not allowed outside the apartment unless on a leash (in accordance with local leash laws) and under control of Resident or Resident’s designated responsible person. Pets/Animals must not be left alone or tied to any fixed object, at any time, outside the apartment. Animal Control will be called to remove any pets/animals left unattended on the property.
  11. Resident will be held responsible for any damage or injury the pet(s)/animal(s) cause(s) to the apartment, the community or any Port Property Management staff, residents, visitors or guests, and shall promptly pay for all costs incurred by Port Property Management or any resident as a result of the pet’s/animal’s actions.
  12. Apartments with pets/animals are subject to periodic inspections. A 24 hour (minimum) notice will be provided
  13. Pets/Animals may not cause any unpleasant odors in the resident’s apartment or any other part of the building. Cats must be provided with adequate size litter boxes and litter must be changed regularly and disposed of in a sanitary manner in accordance with the buildings trash system and rules. Resident is responsible for any extermination fees incurred as a result of keeping a pet/animal in the apartment.
  14. Pets/Animals must not interfere with the job function of any PPM staff member or contractor at any time. Upon maintenance request, dogs must be restricted to an area not affected by the service request.
  15. If a pet/animal shows any aggression (including, but not limited to, growling, barking, and/or biting) PPM will terminate the lease with a Five Day Notice.
  16. Pet(s)/Animal(s) may not interfere with PPM’s ability to show and re-lease the apartment after the resident has given their written notice to leave. If the pet(s)/animal(s) interfere with PPM’s ability to re-lease the apartment, the resident will be responsible for a maximum of one month’s rent after vacating the premises or until the apartment is rented, whichever is less.
  17. Any visiting guest accompanied with pet(s)/animal(s) must comply with the terms of this agreement and may not have an extended stay of more than 24 hours without prior PPM approval.
  18. Pet/animal owners must provide the name, address and telephone number of an emergency contact person whom agrees to assume immediate custody of pet(s)/animal(s) in the case of unavailability, serious illness or death of the owner. If contact does not assume immediate custody of dog upon request, PPM will make arrangements to have the pet(s)/animal(s) removed by local animal control personnel.  PPM will not be held responsible for any expenses incurred with removal of any pet/animal.
  19. Any violation of this addendum allows the Lease to be terminated by PPM by five (5) day notice in writing to the resident as per Section 14 of the lease. Breech of Pet/Animal Addendum: Upon receiving written notice from Lessor that the pet/animal is deemed undesirable, for whatever reason, if the resident should keep the pet/animal on the property, this shall be deemed a breach of the Lease, and is cause for eviction upon (5) days written notice.  The Lessor will require possession of the leased premises and collect all damages as provided in the Lease and this Pet/Animal Addendum.