* * Summer Superstar Tenant!!! :) * *

Port Property Management is thrilled to introduce our SUMMER SUPERSTAR TENANT!

(drum roll, please..)

Congratulations, TORI!!

Tori has been a PPM resident for about a year and a half. In her free time, Tori enjoys running, reading, spending time at the library, drinking good coffee, and listening to podcasts (perhaps all at once?! Running to the library to read while drinking awesome coffee and listening to podcasts?!) Of course, she also enjoys being mother to two lovely little ones! Tori has two published pieces of music written for her – check them out! –> “Lost Star” is a lovely jazz tune, and “Tori’s Waltz“, a percussion piece. She must be a superstar in more ways than one, because despite suffering a broken back in high school and being told she could never run again, she’s gone ahead and run 3 MARATHONS! (way to go!) Tori has always wanted to visit Paris, France, and we hope she does one day! Tori has fulfilled her teenage dream by living in Maine by the ocean – beside her senior yearbook picture, Tori wrote that one of her life goals was to “live in Maine by the ocean”. Wonderful goal, and so glad she accomplished it!

We genuinely enjoy having Tori as a PPM resident, and take this time to recognize her as a SUPERSTAR TENANT! Keep it up, Tori!